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Our story...

After 10 years of marriage, we had accumulated $118,000 of consumer debt and it was crushing us. It was difficult to breath under the weight of the stress and our marriage was falling apart.Through a series of setbacks, we found ourselves out of options. We were going to lose everything.

Right about that time, our church was offering a Financial Peace University course. We went to the preview night and knew right away we had to be in that class. We began paying down our debt, tracking our progress on our bathroom mirror, and working together as a team for the first time in our marriage. We were amazed at how God provided, once we were walking in His wisdom.

Financial Peace

And a few years later, we paid the last credit card payment together as a family. We took the kids to Nashville, TN and went on the Dave Ramsey Show to do our 'Debt-Free Scream'.  


We thought this journey was only about money. But God healed our marriage and set our family on a firm foundation. 

Watch our debt-free scream...

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

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