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Deeply Rooted Enrichment Adventure for Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful and intimate of all human relationships.  But it must be nurtured in order to maintain its beauty.  Whether you are in a season of preparing for marriage, desiring to enrich a healthy marriage, or hoping to reclaim a marriage in crisis, our DREAM Marriage program is for you.

Is the DREAM Marriage Program right for you?

Any long-term relationship can benefit from the tools and teaching of this program. Whether you are dating, engaged or have been married for years, The DREAM Marriage Program will give you the skills you need for long-term success.

How does the program work?

You will begin by meeting with a trained Marriage Coach who will introduce the program and help you identify your current strengths and growth areas as a couple.  You will then continue to meet with your Marriage Coach who will provide feedback and coach you in important relationship skills. The program is individualized to meet the unique needs of each couple and will include 6 to 8 sessions with your Marriage Coach.

Through the DREAM Marriage Program, you will:

  • Investigate God's purpose and plan for Christian marriage

  • Identify strengths as a couple and build new ones

  • Strengthen and develop healthy communication skills

  • Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflicts

  • Explore your families of origin and how this impacts your relationship

  • Discuss financial issues and work together to address your personal financial plan

  • DREAM together, establishing couple and family goals

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