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A Deeply Rooted Life

Learning to live and love well in marriage... and in life

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Isn't this life sometimes just a crazy mess-- a beautiful crazy mess.  Some days we are all smiles and picture-perfect. But most days we are a running ragged, failing and fumbling, but 'givin' it all we got' mess. We are so far from perfect but this is just us. We are running after Jesus and by the grace of God, we get to do it together.


We know God's plan for marriage is a beautiful reflection of who God is and His relationship with us. God healed our marriage years ago.  But it wasn't healed by working on our marriage. We found the secret to a healthy marriage is a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ himself.  When we set our eyes on Jesus and stopped trying to fix everything ourselves, that's when our relationship began to flourish. We want to celebrate your marriage and our own, as we are learning to live and love well, together.

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